Top 8 Best Nose Trimmer for Men India 2020

Top 8 Best Nose Trimmer for Men India 2020

There are 80% of the men in India, in fact, all over the world who are suffering from the problem of unnecessarily growing nose and ear hairs. And almost all of them want to get rid of the situation, but they not. They look here and there for the best trimmer for their unpleasant problem but do not find any solution.
Are you also one of those who are in trouble with there nose and hair problem and try to find the best trimmer for nose and ear then this article is for you.

1. Panasonic ER417K44B Nose and Hair Battery Design Trimmer

Panasonic is a well-known brand in terms of electronics item and when we talk about nose trimmer made by Panasonic are also the best one, isn’t it? 

The main advantage of this trimmer is that it is used by both men and women. So it is a two-in-one kind of product. This trimmer is featured by 60 degrees sharp inner edge which gives you smooth trimming. 

The main problems raise when you go outside from your home for any work like in parties, meetings, etc where there is not the presence of charging socket and even of water sometimes. And if you are also one of them who face this kind of problem then this trimmer is for you because this trimmer comes with an AA battery with cordless charging and also offers and capable of dry trimming. 

I feel very happy to tell you, by buying this best nose and ear hair trimmer for men and women you will also feel love and also enjoy the painless and effortless trimming experience without any irritation. 

Now let,s have some view on the pros and cons of the product


  • effortless and painless trimming
  • cordless 
  • usable by man and women
  • sharp blades 


  • the battery is of poor quality
  • not rechargeable

2. Lifelong LLPCM03 Rechargeable Nose and Ear Trimmer

Lifelong nose and ear trimmers are also the best nose hair trimmer for men available online. As the name of the company suggests, the products of this company have a very long life and also perform best experience during use. Once it is fully recharged, it can work for up to 40 minutes. It is one of the best nose trimmer for men. You can also use it for your ear cleaning. It is both a nose and ear trimmer.

For a smooth and painless experience, the nose trimmer blade has a rotary blade system with a sharp inner blade. It is easily washable. The full charging time of the nose trimmer is 8 hours. The battery placed in this trimmer is a ni-cd battery which is very good and performs for long life. One of the main features of this nose trimmer that it comes with a USB charger.

Now let’s see some of the pros and the cons of the product.


  • USB charger
  • ni-cd Battery
  • Rotary blade system for safety
  • Ergonomic design


  • Sometimes it doesn’t get fully charged

3. Kemei Km-021 Nose Trimmer

It is one of the nose trimmer which is so small and amazing and also fits in your small pocket easily. There is no problem with the portability of this nose trimmer. It is very easy to carry and use this nose trimmer. The kemei nose trimmer is a travel-friendly product. 

If your budget is tight and you are looking for the best deal in your budget then we will suggest this nose trimmer. It is the best and cheapest nose trimmer which you can buy online. The design of the product is very simple. It is made of plastic. Just give it a small battery and see the work done by it.

Now let,s have some view on the pros and cons of the product


  • Small and travel friendly
  • Cheap and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth and silky experience


  • On falling, the plastic body opens up
  • Weak body design

4. Wahl 5608-524 Mini Groomsman Grooming 3 in 1 Trimmer

The next item on our list is 3 in 1 trimmer from Wahl. This 3 in 1 trimmer is for trimming the nose hair, eyebrow, and ear. Plus it is a multipurpose trimmer for both men and women. What else you want if you getting an amazing product for all of your trimming needs. The trimmer operates with the help of a battery. Just plug in the battery and start using it. It is very easy to use.

The Wahl trimmer comes with a smooth cordless experience. There is a protective cap on the trimmer to protect the rotary blade. An eyebrow comb is included in the packing for combing your eyebrow. The blade of the trimmer is made from stainless steel.

Now let,s have some view on the pros and cons of the product. 


  • 3 in 1 Trimmer
  • Cordless trimmer
  • Battery operated
  • Lots of equipment for a better trimming experience


  • It is not a rechargeable trimmer

5. Fulminare Cordless Touches Trimmer for Men (Multicolour)

If you are looking for an all in one trimmer, then the Fulminare all in one trimmer is the right thing for you. This trimmer is best for both men and women. It is great for the nose trimming, and the ear, eyebrows, neckline, sideburns, and also for trimming of the hair around the ear. To provide a comfortable trimming experience, stainless steel is used.

The material of the trimmer is durable, convenient, and is lightweight. The LED light feature will help you to locate and finding the area hard to reach and then cut the hair easily and safely. The micro touches technology control for precision cut adjustment never hurts the nasal cavity. It has a nonslippery rubber grip, and it is battery operated trimmer with a triple-A battery requirement. 


  • All in one trimmer
  • LED light for trimming 
  • 50% longer blade
  • Easy to use


  • Not rechargeable, battery required

6. Philips Trimmer Nt3650/16 Nose Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer

As all, we know the Philips tagline is “innovation and you” and it always launches fresh and innovative products. It is a user-friendly company. Philips is a well-known brand for making electrical items. Now let’s try the Philips nose trimmer and see how it looks.

It is a nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer. It comes with a protective guard system. The packing of the product comes with a AA battery, 2 eyebrow combs, and a pouch for carrying all the stuff. It is a battery-operated trimmer which means it needs AA sized battery every time when the old one dies. Here are the pros and the cons of this nose trimmer. 


  • Can be used for ear and eyebrows too
  • Comes with e eyebrow combs and a AA size battery
  • Easily washable
  • Hygienic and easy handling of the trimmer


  • Doesn’t comes with a rechargeable battery

7. SWARG Cordless All in One Trimmer

The swarg all in one nose trimmer is the best nose hair trimmer for men. You can easily trim your nose, ear, and eyebrows with the help of Swarg all in one trimmer. It can also trim the hair around the ears. An overall best trimmer for men because it is an all in one trimmer. You have not to buy different trimmers for different parts.

Swarg all in one trimmer comes with a LED light. The LED light makes the task more easier to perform. It helps throughout the rough corners and the light makes it to see harder corners and trim them. The blade is 50% longer which means it will perform 50% more. This trimmer operates on a battery. It requires an AAA size battery for operation. 


  • All in one trimmer
  • 50% longer blades
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Includes brush for cleaning


  • No rechargeable trimmer requires a battery

8. MAULION Electric Portable Painless Trimmer

MAULION nose hair remover trimmer is for both men and women. It is easy to use. The design of the nose trimmer is very compact and sleek. The nose trimmer is very smooth while operating and gives a painless experience. The body is made from alloy materials. 

It is a small and portable nose trimmer. This trimmer is ideal for those who travel a lot. The AAA battery powers the trimmer. The rubber on/off button will help you to make a good grip while operating it. The blade is made from high-quality ABS stainless steel which cuts smooth and has a very long life. Now let’s see the all pros and cons of the product.


  • Nose trimmer for both men and women
  • Painless and smooth experience
  • Travel friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • recharging feature is not given

How to select the best nose hair trimmer for men

There are many ways on which buying of any nose trimmer is dependent. These ways may vary with other person’s points of view. But, the main and common factors are listed below. 

Safe to use   This is a kind of basic priority which is to be fulfilled by the trimmer or by any machine. There are many trimmers available in the market which comes at very cheap prices but after some use, they start to hurt your skin, and sometimes they also cause skin infection due to the poor quality of the blade. 

Battery while selecting the trimmer which is best for you make an eye on its battery and battery life. Battery and battery life is that kind of feature which never be compromised. So, while purchasing a nose trimmer please look at the battery backup.  

Compact and lightweight  When you are a travel freak it is necessary to see the trimmer you selected for yourself is not so heavy and compact in size. when the trimmer satisfies this condition it makes you happy because it can be taken anywhere and not consume a large space of your bag.

value for money last but not least factor, while selecting the best nose trimmer for men the other important factor is the amount charged by it is worth it or not. I suggest you while buying these beauty-enhancing products always go with the popular brands. 

Final Opinion

In the end, I think you find this article helpful while purchasing the best nose trimmer, especially when you are a man and this article is helpful for women also. 

If you are a woman who is reading the article then I suggest you Panasonic nose trimmer because it is applicable for both. If you are men then all the nose trimmer listing in this article are best for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Is it safe to use the nose trimmers for cutting off the hairs?

A.1 Yes, it is safe to use nose trimmers. They are made for user safety.

Q.2 What is an all-in-one trimmer?

A.2 An all-in-one trimmer is a type of trimmer in which you can use the trimmer for trimming nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrows.

Q.3 Which trimmer is best – rechargeable or battery operated?

A.3 The rechargeable trimmers are best because they have a longer life and they perform well.

Q.4 How to use a nose trimmer?

A.4 Once you buy and product from above, you will find a user manual inside it.

Q.5 Can I use the nose trimmer to trim the hair of my other parts of the body?

A.5 No, it is advised to use it on the nose only. There are other types of trimmers available in the market for different body types.

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