Top 6 Best Hair Dryers For Women In India (2020)

Top 6 Best Hair Dryers For Women In India (2020)

You might just not think to pay a visit to the beauty parlor or salon every time to dress up for a party because of your grooming gadgets collection. True that, but now it’s time to update your gadgets collection with the best hair dryers for women which are perfect for instant hairdressing and grooming to the style of your choice, in just a swish!

There are many ways to style hairs and for this purpose, there are many products available in the market. But, there are some of the products without which you will not even be able to think to style your hair and from which one of them is a hair dryer. 

 As we all know that there many kinds of hair dryers available in the market but all of them are not good for your hair. so, after very deep research we have a list of best hair dryers for you. A hair dryer is more beneficial from other beauty products as it reduces the need of using other products for hairstyling.

A hair dryer is small, easy to carry, easy to use, and not so much costly product. So I recommend you all buy a hair dryer once from the list of best hair dryers for women.

List of Best Hair Air Dryers for women in India 

Product Name

Quick Link

Star Rating

Philips QT 3310
MI Beard Trimmer
Syska HB100 Trimmer
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer
Philips Oneblade
Philips Vacuum Beard

SYSKA Ultra groom Pro

Nova NHT USB trimmer

Hair Dryers To Buy Online in 2020 With Complete Feature

1. SYSKA Hair Dryers HD1610

This is the one of the best hair dryer for women in India comes with low price

Syska HD1610 comes with awesome build in quality. This is the only dryer in this price range which provides you heat as well as cool air for your hair drying work. This hair dryer is easy to carry so much efficient and user friendly also. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy this best hair dryer in India. This is the main reason why this dryer is on top of the list of best hair dryers in India for women.

Features of Syska hair dryer

  • With the help of three-step temperature settings, there are very fewer chances of hair damage and you may give your hair the look you want.
  • The hair dryer is given a foldable design with the help of which it is easy to carry and easy to hang with the help of a hanging hook.
  • This 1200w hair dryer apart from giving a good look also protect your hair from overheating.
  • Heat balancing technology in this dryer helps to get the air to evenly spread in your hair and get reduce the chances of hair damage.


  • overheating protection mechanism
  • heat balancing technology
  • value for money


  • N/A

2. Havells HD3151 1600W Foldable Hair Dryers

Havells hair dryer comes with almost all kind of features that a dryer must have.

This 1600w powerful hair dryer gives you a powerful hair drying experience in just a few minutes of using. This dryer gives you a salon-like finish in just a few seconds. Havells foldable hair dryer comes with almost all kinds of features. It is the only dryer that would perform multiple tasks. 

Features of Havells hair dryer

  • This Hair reduces your hair drying time by almost 95%.
  •  It is a budget-friendly product that gives your hair a pleasant shine and smoothness without the worry of damage.
  • You will use this dryer 3 times in a week or more because with the help of heat balance technology.
  • cold air shot option is also given in this dryer by which you will set the style that stays for a long period.
  • There are three temperature options given in this dryer which helps you to choose your best temperature range suitable for your hair.


  • Small in size 
  • Take less time 


  • Cold air shot are not so much cold

3. CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryers 

chaoba is the only hair dryer which comes with two nozzles and also aone of the best hair dryer for women and men both.

Chaoba is consistently trying to make his name on the top of this industry by providing the same features at an affordable price. This 2000w hair dryer is specially designed to make your hair perfect within a few minutes. The performance of this hair dryer is quite immersive. It is provided by two nozzles which help to give different looks to your hair.

Features of Chaoba professional hair dryer

  • This hair dryer gives your hair a shiny and gorgeous look and also makes your hair party and office-ready.
  • The long and thick cord of the dryer gives you a free movement in a particular area without any problem.
  • The speed changing mechanism in this dryer will help to reduce the chances of overheating. 
  • The build-in quality of the dryer ensures a premium look in your hand.


  • Good build in quality
  • Two nozzles are given
  • Long and thick cord


  • Take time in drying

4. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is compact in size easy to carry and user friendly product.

Philips is a well-known brand in the health and personal care category. Philps HP8100/46 is a compact type of hair dryer especially made for easy to carry and easy to use purpose. You will also not see any difficulty in using the dryer at low speed as generally occur in other hair dryers. This hair dryer also comes with a 2-year product warranty from the date of purchase.

Features of Philips hair dryer

  • The narrow concentrator feature of the dryer helps to give the final touch to the hair by decrease the surface area and increase the flow of hair.
  • The Thermo protect characteristic of the dryer provides you the optimal drying temperature suitable for your hair.
  • This 1000w hair dryer gives you a gentle look without causing much damage.
  • This dryer is compressed in size and had a premium look.
  • The hanging hook also reduces the storage space and we may hang it anywhere.


  • Very much small
  • Easy to handle and use 


  • overuse damage your hair

5. Braun Satin Hair 1 – HD130 Travel Dryer 

Braun satin comes with many features which is suitable for women and men both

Braun satin hair dryer is specially designed for those people who love hairstyling and a travel freak too. This dryer is the smallest and the lightest hair dryer among all the dryers mentioned here. This dryer also comes with a multi-voltage option for safe usage. 

Features of  Braun Satin hair dryer

  •  For efficient and fast drying of hair, this dryer is introduced with IR(infrared) heating technology.
  •  The styling nozzle of dryer helps you to style your hair perfectly. 
  • There are four levels of temperature setting and an additional fifth level setting also given for cold shot.
  • This hair dryer is come with 2 pin plug option and operate between (110-220v) which is a large voltage gap for safe usage around the world. 


  • IR heating technology 


  • 2 pin plug 

6. Havells HD3201 1500W Ionic Hair Dryer 

Another one from Havells with really goods feature and a great choice for best hair dryers for women in India

Havells HD3201 is the powerful hair dryer of 1500w. This is the only hair dryer in this price range which comes with ionic care technology. With the help of this hair dryer, it is easy to style hair and gives them a long-lasting finish. This hair dryer works very smoothly and does not make much noise. 

Features of Havells HD3201 hair dryer

  • The ionic care technology gives you shiny looking hairs in one stroke. 
  • The cool shot of this dryer works very effectively and does not make any noise. 
  •  The fixed concentrator of the dryer to supply optimum airflow to the fixed section for detailed styling. 
  • This hair dryer also comes with a 1.6m long cord and also with a hanging hook.
  • To ensure safety the product is given a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Not create much noise 
  • User friendly


  • produce smoke some time 
  • wire quality is poor

Buying guide for hair dryer

A hair dryer is that kind of beauty product without the help of which your beauty is incomplete. There are many kinds of the hair dryer are available in the market. Some of the hair dryers cost very low and some of them are a little bit expensive. 

The main difference between the cheap and expensive hair dryer that the cheap hair dryer is not so much trustworthy and may also harm your hair and the expensive hair dryer comes from big brands and the main motive of these brands to ensure user security and to give the best experience of the product. some of the expensive brands of the hair dryer are (Philips, Syska, Havells).

So, I think your mind totally gets clear about how to buy a dryer and I also know that this list of best hair dryers for women in India will help you to choose your best hair dryer suitable for your hair and need.


I know that choices are hard to make! If your heart still tangles between the most obvious dilemma of going for perfection, just scroll up this article once again and go to the detailed description. It’s my promise that you will end up buying the perfect hair dryers for women from the list of top 6 and best hair dryers in India.

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Frequently Asked Question By The Buyers:-

Q1. If I run a salon then which is the best hair dryer for me?

Ans- If you are running a salon then you need a dryer whose cord is long enough to get easiness in movement and not get affected by over and over-usage. So, I recommend your Syska hair dryer HD 1610 because it accomplishes all the needs. 

Q2. If I am a travel freak then which is the best hair dryer for me?

Ans- If you are a travel freak then you need a hair dryer that is small in size, lightweight, and operate at any voltage. so, I recommend you two dryers the first one is Braun satin 1-HD130 and the second is Havells HD 3201 because both of the dryers are compact and have common features. 

Q3. Which hair dryer is best for daily use?

Ans- For a hair dryer to be best for daily use it must become with overheating protection technology because overheating will harm your hair and the dryer comes with this feature is CHAOBA Professional.

Q4. Is the overuse of hair dryer harmed the hair?

Ans- Overuse of anything will harm you directly or indirectly and this rule is also applied on the hair dryer. So, please avoid the overuse of the hair dryer as well as other things. 

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