Top 6 Best Hair straightener in India 2020

Top 6 Best Hair straightener in India 2020

Everyone wants to keep their hair stylish all the time so that he/she can attract the attention of others. And for this purpose, they want to go to a salon and parlor but it is quite expensive. In this situation, a hair straightener is the best option. There are N numbers of hair straightener which are available in the market but for you, we have a list of the best hair straightener in India. 

There are many reasons why you should have to buy a hair straightener. The one and the most common reason is money. A hair straightener needs only a one-time investment in 4 to 5 years while you have to invest money constantly at parlor or salon which is very expensive and time-consuming also. 

List of Best straighteners in India

Top 6 Best hair straightener to buy in 2020 with complete features

1. Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Straightener

Philips hp 8316/00 is the best straightener in India. It also comes  with kerashine plates.

Philips kerashine hair straightener is the best straightener because it will give your hair a salon-like finish in a very little amount of time. This hair straightener gives you shiny smooth hair with the help of advanced keratin ceramic coating plates. when the straightener is not in use you will also be able to lock it easily. This straightener does not damage your hair much as it is operated at 210-degree temperature.

Features of Philips kerashine straightener

  • This hair straightener is applicable for all kinds of hair.
  • The straightener is ready to use in just 60 seconds which is quite good. 
  • The ionic conditioning technology makes your hair smooth, glossier, and shiny.
  • The straightener contains long and thick plates for long and thick hair.
  • You will able to design your hair in your style whatever you want (open, wavy, curly)with the help of this straightener.


  • consume less time
  • value for money
  • long and thick plates


  • Take time in hair curling

2. Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

Havells straightener is also a best  straightener

Havells straightener gives you a hassle-free straightening experience at your home in minutes. According to your suitability, you will able to change the temperature at 6 adjustable range from 155 to 230

 degrees of the straightener. To avoid any kind of accident the straightener automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of continuous use. The plate locking system is also available in this device for easy to travel purpose.

Features of Havells straightener 

  • Get perfect and bouncy curls with the help of thin plates and the curved edge of this straightener. 
  • The 6 temperature ranges help you to choose your best temperature which is appropriate for your hairs. 
  • The floating plates of the straightener protect hair breakage to a high extent.
  • Quick heat technology makes the straightener ready to use in a few seconds.
  • The titanium-coated plates make your hair stylish in few minutes and prevent hair breakage by distributing the heat in all parts of the hair.


  • efficient and user friendly
  • Titanium coated plates


  • overuse harm your hairs

3. Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener

This hair straightener will make your hair ready for party in just a few minutes.

You will get your hair straightened in just a few minutes with the help of this straightener. This straightener has also come with ceramic plates that are wider and broader. your hair will get straight for approx 3-4 days with only one use of the straightener. There is two temperature setting option available in the straightener for thick and thin hair. This hair conditioner works well on frizzy as well as on fluffy hair so, if you had freezy or fluffy hair then this hair conditioner is for you.  

Features of Philips Kera Shine Straightener (BHS386)

  • Philips Kera shine hair Straightener work well on all kinds of hair whether they are frizzy thick thin or of other kinds.
  • Different temperature setup for different kinds of hairs so that you may style your hair according to the need of your hair.
  • The 1.8m long cord helps you to use the straightener easily by avoiding tangles and cut.
  • The long and thick plate may make all kinds of hair straight in a few minutes and also minimize the salon expenses.
  • This hair straightener may make your hair shiny and smooth with Kera shine protection which suits all your attire and you look adorable.


  • style all kind of hairs
  • long and thick plates


  • little bit expensive
  • consumes more electricity

4. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Straightener (VHSCC-01)

This straightener is a all rounder type of device which may gives your hair an undesirable shine

This 3 in 1 hair straightener gives you almost all kinds of hairstyles for which you have to pay a lot when you will go to the salon for the same hairstyle. The 360-degree swivel cord helps you to style your hair easily and efficiently. This hair straightener by vega is suitable enough to make you ready for parties, offices, or any other events. There is a unique styling switch embedded in the straightener by which you may give different hair textures to your hair by simply pressing to it. 

Features of VEGA 3 in 1 Straightener

  • Different plates are embedded in the straightener to give different kinds of look. 
  • The 2.8m cord and different temperature settings feature also come with a straightener.
  • The straightener is easy to lock with 360-degree cord rotation.
  • This straightener also consumes less power as compared to other straighteners. 


  • All-rounder straightener
  • user friendly
  • Extra-large cord


  • N/A

 5. Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener (Black)

Ikonic s3 straightener is a professional kind of straightener

Ikonic is a well-known brand in India in terms of a straightener. This straightener is used by professionals and also by our actors and actresses. This straightener has also an elegant design that gives a classic look when you hold it in your hand. The led lights made it easy to understand the temperature of the straightener and makes it easy to operate. This straightener gives you the proper straight hair by only one stroke and also protects your hair from overheating.

Features of Ikonic S3 Straightener

  • This straightener seals cuticles and lock in moisture so that your hairs look more glossy after the straightening.
  • You need not be worry while using the straightener because it is come with an overheat protection system.
  • You may give different styles to your hairs like straighten, curl, etc with the use of this straightener with an adorable shine.
  • This straightener is a value for money because it is feature and specification rich.


  • Use by professionals
  • overheating protecting mechanism


  • build quality is poor

6. Braun Satin 3 Hair Straightener (ST 310)

Braun Satin 3 comes with various new features and one of the straightener in the list of best straightener in India.

Braun Satin 3 Straightener comes with eloxal ceramic extra wide plates which give you ultra-smooth straightening. With the help of the temperature regulation technique, The hair gets less damage even after so many uses. This straightener is super fast as it heats up in just 40sec and after that, you may use it. This straightener works at a temperature range of 130-200°C.

Features of Braun Satin 3 Straightener

  • Indestructible 100% Ceramic Eloxal Plates are used in this straightener which makes your hair shiny.
  • Auto shut off and the LED temperature display option is also be given in this straightener.
  • The wider plates of the straightener also make thick hairs straighten in just a few minutes.
  • The insulated cool tip of the straightener does not get warm easily so that you may use the straightener for a long time.


  • easy to use
  • heated rapidly
  • low price


  • little bit heavy

Hair straightener Buying Guide

A hair straightener is a kind of investment that will make you free from spending a lot of money in salon and parlor in hairs styling from approx 3 to 4 years and above that in some cases. So, it is very much important to buy a straightener which fulfills your needs completely and makes you satisfied. 

So, After a deep research, we will make a list of best straightener in India with there feature and specifications also mention in the list.

You will buy any of the straighteners in the list which will suitable for you and also justify your needs by simply read to its specification and features. 

Some Basic Information That Tou Have Before Buying The Best Straightener  

Your Hair

The first basic information that you before buying the best hair straightener is what kinds of hair do you have. There are various kinds of hair-like (thick, thin, curly, frizzy) that an individual had. so before buying any straightener please identify your hairs and after that choose the straightener good for your hair.


The plate is the component that makes your hair straight. There are different types of plate options available in the different straightener. The best plate of straightener in my point of view is keratin ceramic coating plates as it gives a decent shine to the hairs after straightening. 

Temperature control option

There are many straighteners which come with temperature control option and many do not come with the temperature control option. So before buying any straightener please ensure that it comes with this option or not. 

Overheating control technology

Before buying any straightener it is necessary to see that it does not harm your hairs much. The top 6 hair straighteners mentioned in the above list will not cause much harm to your hair as it already comes with an overheating control mechanism. 


As we all know that styles matter a lot in today’s life. We always want to be in fashion all the time and to save our money and time also. So buying a straightener is a very great deal as it saves our money, time and gives a new look by customizing our hairs. You may also select the best straightener of yours from the above list of best hair straightener in India.

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