Top 8 Best Hair Trimmer For Men

Top 8 Best Hair Trimmer For Men

A perfect gentleman wants to be groomed all the time and for this, he needs good beauty products. And, the most common and important beauty product which is must for looking handsome and dashing all the time is a hair trimmer. A hair trimmer for men is that kind of thing which is most common nowadays.

So for giving you the perfect look we are presenting you the best hair trimmer for men in India. Trimmer is a need for every type of person no matter he is a professional, athlete, or student. There were times when trimmers are bulky and difficult to manage and are costly. For grooming the beard we have to go to the barber and he cost a good amount. But now the time has changed. with advanced technology, a bulky trimmer now transforms into a handy gadget. now trimmer comes with more power and durability than old trimmers.

Have a look on our list of best hair trimmers for men.

List of Best Hair trimmer in India 

Product Name

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Star Rating

Philips QT 3310
MI Beard Trimmer
Syska HB100 Trimmer
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer
Philips Oneblade
Philips Vacuum Beard

SYSKA Ultra groom Pro

Nova NHT USB trimmer

Best 8 hair trimmer for men in 2020 with complete feature

1. Philips QT 3310

Philips qt 3310 is one of the best hair trimmer for men in this list

This Philips hair trimmer for men is most trusted in the market. Many customers are satisfied with this trimmer. many people love this trimmer because of its very handy design and durability.but the main attraction of this trimmer is the adjustable guard. It comes with washable blades. 

This guard adjusts according to your need. This hair as well as beard trimmer has a battery backup of about 30 min, and its charging time is 8 hours. It comes with a cleaning brush. and the posting amazing part is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. 


  • Adjustable guard 
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 8 hours charging time 
  • 30 min running time
  • washable blades


  • Long charging time

2. MI Beard Trimmer

Mi hair trimmer for men is also comes with all kind of features

This trimmer is the small beast in the market. this trimmer from MI comes with the IPX7 waterproof protection which enables it to wash with any worry. 

Its handy design is so comfortable which provides ease during beard grooming. Its blades are stainless steel which offers precise cutting. It also comes with the adjustable guards. This trimmer had also a fast charging option with a run time of 90 min in 2 hours of charging. It also comes with a travel lock for unintentional has a 1-year warranty.


  • adjustable guard
  • stainless steel blades
  • waterproof
  • compact design
  • fast charging
  • travel lock


  • Not durable 

3. Syska HB100 Trimmer

Syska hair  trimmer provides you with all kinds of features necessary for your smartness

Syska HB100 trimmer is both stylish and versatile, this trimmer comes with a LED display that shows the battery. It also has an adjustable guard. Its blades are stainless steel that doesn’t get rust. it features super-fast charging. Its running time is 90 min after charging for 1.5 hours. It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Superfast charging
  • LED display 
  • USB Charging
  • travel lock 

4. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer

Ustraa is a well known beauty product brand is Indian market. It is one of the best hair dryer in India

This is the most premium trimmer of our list. Trimmer by Ustra is the trimmer that catches your eye.this blades come with premium titanium coating, which offers a much more comfortable comes with the quick gives you a running time of 90 min for charging of 60 mins. It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Titanium coated blades 
  • durable
  • quick charging
  • 2-year warranty
  • ABS combs
  • battery display


  • blade last only for 5 months
  • expensive

5. Philips Oneblade

This Philips trimmer+shaver is the most unique and innovative item of our list.everything from its design to its blade everything is changed and new. you can use this trimmer both wet and dry. It comes with a 2-year warranty. its blade gives so much comfortable experience than any other blade.


  • compact and unique design
  • the innovative and unique blade
  • water resistant
  • 2-year warranty


  • low battery back up

6. Philips Vacuum Beard

Philips vacuum hair trimmer is one of the finest hair trimmer for men

this trimmer is the masterpiece of our list, It comes with the most amazing feature which solves the most difficult problem of the men. After trimming we encounter a messy situation small hairs spread all around the area also on the trimmer. but this problem is solved by its vacuum system. its inbuilt vacuum will grab all the hair and filled in the container. which cleans the trimmer and the runs for 60 min after the charging of 120 mins. It has the adjustable head which lets you cut according to your desired comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • vacuum system
  • adjustable head
  • cordless

7. SYSKA HT3030K Ultragroom Pro

Syska grooming toolkit provides you all kind of grooming ranges.

Syska trimmer grooming set is the solution to all your needs. this set comes with many attachments that are designed for grooming of beard, mustache, and nose/ear groomer. This trimmer is ergonomically design comes with a Battery indicator. Its running time is 30 min in charging of 120 min. Its blades are self-sharping stainless steel. it is very handy.


  • ergonomically design
  • nose/ear trimmer
  • 60 min run time
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Battery indicator  

8. Nova NHT USB trimmer

nova hair trimmer for men is one of the cheapest trimmer comes with all kind of feature

It is the most economical hair trimmer for men on the list. It offers good performance at a cheaper price. You can easily charge it with a USB. You can use a mobile charger or another device. It comes with a quick charge which enables you to trim in just 5 min of charging. This trimmer also features 5 length settings, which enables you to trim at your desirable is also easy to clean, because it is waterproof. This trimmer comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • 5 length settings
  • 1-year warranty
  • USB charging

Buying guide for a hair trimmer for men

Before buying the best hair trimmer for men you should know some points. For helping you out we are giving the details about the points. These are the things which you should always keep in mind before buying a trimmer. If you don’t know these things you can easily be fooled and we don’t want it. so the important points or you can say things are :








Yes, that’s the correct first thing to be noted, you should go for a brand. Trimmer should be of a reputed brand that is not because of show off, but because of the quality.trimmer from a local or cheap brand can be cheap but that be can dangerous for you. 

Sometimes there can be chances of stopping suddenly which can hurt you while trimming. their blades may be of a cheap metal which easily breaks or get rusted. these trimmers are not durable, they can easily get broke, which eventually affects your pocket for maintenance. So you should always go for a good brand.trimmer from a reputed brand provides you the trust and quality.

 These brand make their trimmer with lots of research and up to the class material. their body is durable and long-lasting. it is like a one-time investment. and yes you can not compromise with the things which touch your face. So guys always go for the brand.


This is the main part of the trimmer, this is the part which cuts your hair. So you should be very careful with the blade. The material of the blade is very important. because on that your experience with the trimmer depends. In the market there are many trimmers that come with many types of blade, you have to choose which will suit you.

For making your choice simpler we are gonna tell you the type of blades and there features.we are not gonna tell you about carbon steel because they are not good.they are the most popular blades.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Titanium blade
  • Ceramic blade

Stainless steel blade

The best economical trimmer comes with a stainless steel blade. these blades are durable and do their job nicely. and they also don’t get rusted. these blades are very popular in the market.

Titanium blade

The Titanium blades are the blades that are little over the top of stainless steel blades. these blades are more precise and durable than stainless steel blades. their life is also longer.because of the titanium coating they don’t get corrosion. but they are a little expensive than the stainless steel blades.

Ceramic blades 

So at last ceramic blades. In our list, they are the most precise and cutting edge blades. they cut hair like feather running over your skin.they are the most premium blades in the market. but one thing which is a downside of these blades that they easily broke. So if you can handle and care the trimmer you can but it.


So by this point, we came across the matter of portability.there is no doubt that a trimmer should have an aspect of portability in it. 

A cordless hair trimmer for men is a need for a busy person in India, everyone doesn’t have plugs in their bathroom or right place. a person who always in the travel should need a cordless trimmer. 

But yes cordless also have drawbacks. cordless trimmer takes so much time to charge, this can be not good for an emergency or a hurry situation.and they are a little bit more pricey than cord our opinion is this if you have a power socket at a perfect place and you don’t travel a lot you can go for a trimmer with a cord.


guards are the most important part of the trimmer, without guards trimmer can not be so much versatile. Guards are used to cutting beards at a desirable length.

You should check that trimmer coming with attachment because this attachment can be useful for your beard styling. you can experiment with your beard if you have these attachments. many trimmers come with the 2-3 guards in different lengths. In the market, there is also trimmer which comes with an adjustable trimmer head which can be set in various lengths according to your choice.

Battery Backup

While buying a cordless hair trimmer for men you should look for the battery backup of that trimmer. a trimmer that drains so fast is of no use. there are two points you should consider. firstly in how much time it will take to charge.

second how much time it will do the job.these are some small things which are forgotten.after these things greats trouble.


Not for hair trimmer but for any electronic device. There are chances that it will need to repair. For this, you should always check the warranty for that item. In the case of the trimmer, you should check the warranty on the body and motor. The warranty should be more than one and two years.


In the end, I hope that you will find your best trimmer from the list of best hair trimmer for men which satisfied all your needs. If not then scroll up and explore the list again and add another grooming product in your fashion wardrobe.

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